The COVID-19 Drug R&D Discovery Grandpharma’s Sepsis Syndrome Innovative Drug Eligible for Clinical Study

2020-05-08    Hit:69     Information Sources:Grand Pharma

On May 6th, Grandpharma announced that the company's wholly-owned subsidiary Grand Medical Pty Ltd (an innovative drug research and development center established by the Group in Australia) is developing a global innovative drug STC3141 for the treatment of sepsis, and recently it has been approved to carry out a phase II clinical research in Australia for the treatment of Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS) ("COVID-19 ARDS") and a Phase Ib clinical study for the treatment of sepsis .


"In recent years, the incidence of sepsis has continued to increase, and the mortality rate has reached 20-40%. There is an urgent need for specific drugs to treat sepsis in the market.” An industry source revealed that in this coronavirus pandemic, some severe cases might experience septic shock. The rapid development of innovative drugs will help patients with coronavirus get timely treatment.