Grandpharma gets sepsis innovative medicine again

2020-03-31    Hit:64     Information Sources:Grand Pharma

On March 22, Grandpharma (00512.HK) announced that it was another global innovative drug in the field of sepsis after obtaining the global development and commercialization rights and interests of sepsis in research drug hip project from Australian National University (ANU) last year.


It is reported that Grandpharma signed a transfer contract with Chongqing an Ti new Biotechnology Co., Ltd. according to which, the company will obtain the global initiative of an Ti new biology, the global rights and interests of apad new medicine technology and related intellectual property rights for the treatment of sepsis (an Ti new biology reserves part of the right of income outside mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan), and can develop and generate related products Production and sales. Yuanda pharmaceutical said the move will help the company's core product reserve and long-term competitiveness development of innovative products.


According to the announcement, apad is an innovative drug with a broad-spectrum mechanism of action against pathogen related molecules, and has applied for and obtained corresponding patents in many countries and regions around the world. Apad has been screened and is in the pre clinical development stage. Apad can antagonize a variety of pathogen related molecules, and can play a therapeutic role in sepsis caused by bacterial and viral infection. It is complementary to the role of the hip project in the treatment of sepsis by antagonizing the excessive immune response of the body. At the same time, in the research and development stage, apad is expected to share R & D resources with hip project, share R & D risks, and further generate synergy.


According to the public information, sepsis, generally speaking, all kinds of bacteria and fungi will attack various organs of the human body and cause strong inflammatory storm after breaking through the human immune barrier, eventually leading to septic shock and multiple organ failure, which can cause death of patients in a short time. At present, there is a lack of specific drugs for sepsis. The global clinical lack of drugs for the treatment of the causes of sepsis has caused a huge social burden. The cost of sepsis treatment in the United States alone exceeds 20 billion US dollars every year, and the per capita cost of treatment in China exceeds 10000 US dollars. The global market demand for sepsis exceeds 100 billion yuan.